Marina Kinsman


Marina Kinsman

Reservations Manager, SUSHISAMBA London & Duck & Waffle


Nickname: Princess

Birthplace: Cambridge

Location: My bed or my kitchen!

Color: Blue

Music: George Michael

Art: The ‘Listen Without Prejudice Vol 1’ album cover

TV Show: Anything on the Good Food Channel and Modern Family

Movie: Top Gun

Actor/Actress: Ray Winstone/Elizabeth Taylor

Fast Food Restaurant: Nando’s

London Bar: The Connaught Bar and W Lounge

Candy: I’m partial to After Eights, Green & Blacks 70% chocolate and I was once given Almond Roca and cannot seem to find it over here in London.

SUSHISAMBA or D&W Dish: Pork Belly / Pig Ears

Pets: I believe that all animals are for eating, not keeping.

Special Skills or Talent: I ice fabulous cakes and I can play the cello.

Place we’ll find you most often (aside from SUSHISAMBA and D&W) : My kitchen

Outfit we’ll most likely see you in: An apron over whatever I am wearing…

Something we might not know about you: I am a staunch Royalist and I am named after Princess Marina of Greece (and George Michael is Greek, so we ARE meant to be together).

Personal Quote: NEVER keep nail glue in your handbag.

How long have you been working at SUSHISAMBA and D&W ? Since May 2012

Three words that best define you: I would choose ‘happy, rational, fair’ but you should ask the Reservations Team!

Your idea of perfect happiness: Having my dream kitchen, and being able to hold amazing dinner parties in my own beautiful dining room with my family, friends and George Michael at least 3 times a week, or failing that, being able to make reservations for every single person who calls/emails us each day!