Richard Woods


Richard Woods

Head of Cocktails & Spirit Development, OBM


Nickname: It depends on who you ask…since coming to the U.S., I’ve acquired the nickname ‘London.’

Birthplace: London

Location: New York, Los Angeles and Brighton…all good times!

Color: Blue

Book: Food: The History of Taste.

Movie: The Avengers – Marvel films… I’m a sucker for them.

New York Restaurant : DBGB and La Esquina

New York Bar : Dead Rabbit

Candy: Rum or tequila (not technically candy, I know, but I see a new Duck & Waffle cocktail coming!)

SUSHISAMBA Dish: As I’m answering this questionnaire, I’m eating a Hamapeño roll at SUSHISAMBA Miami Beach and I love it!

Place we’ll find you most often (aside from OBM): When time off is allowed, I enjoy absorbing everything in terms of new cocktail bars, new ideas and different ideas. I wholeheartedly love creating so everyday for me is an opportunity to find inspiration.

Outfit we’ll most likely see you in: Suit at work and jeans on the street

Something we may not know about you: I’ve only been bartending for five years. I’ve been in the industry for longer, but only behind the bar within the past few years…

Personal Quote: “Dream as if you’d live forever, live as if you’d die tomorrow.”

How long have you been working at OBM: I’ve been with the team since April 2012

Three words that best define you: Different, creative, difficult

Your idea of perfect happiness: Having my own place, either a restaurant or bar, but being able to walk away on days off and enjoy family time with my girls.